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About Us

You Are The Team

The biggest advocates of the workplace of tomorrow is you, the person behind the computer doing meaningless work wanting to go home. In any measurement, our team is nothing without you.

The Start Smart Team

We’re ready. To disrupt the workplace of today, to make tomorrow’s more worthwhile, meaningful and human-centred.

Since the industrial revolution, the world has not seen the level of changes as it has seen in the last decade. The workplace of today has become one where menial tasks are more common than strategic decisions & creative endeavours. We design a workplace that allows humans to capitalise on doing what we do best – being human.

The Start Smart is the catalyst to kickstart the workplace of tomorrow.

A team of futurists, creatives & disrupters

We're relentless in our passion for designing systems for worthwhile and meaningful work.

Our team of futurists understand the de-humanisation that has taken place in today's world. Our human-centred design is the core philosophy that enables machines to do the mindless work for us, while we help you be more human.
The only revolutionists that have stood the test of time are creatives. Here at The Start Smart our team of creatives are designing processes, visualising value chains, painting data sets for the next decades to come.
There is no innovation without disruption. Our team is centred around disruption and bringing change about the workplace to make it meaningful & worthwhile.

The Start Smart team welcomes creatives, disrupters and strategists from all backgrounds. Join us in shaping tomorrow.

No matter what your business aspirations, The Start Smart can help you transform your business. Get in touch today and see how we can help.