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Salman Abeer

Inspired by the simplicity and harmony in the complexity from bustling street corners from around the world, The Start Smart challenges the complexity of the current workplace to inspire and empower simplicity. The teams at The Start Smart respect the traditional, whilst evolving the ecosystems that surround us. As we become more interconnected, globalised and informed, it will be humans that are at the centre of evolution and innovation.

Our Human first approaches combine experienced leaders, futurists and disruptors to create a completely different approach to organisational support services. Effectively, we want to change the way functions are performed, research is executed, technologies are built and knowledge is shared to usher in a new era of collaborative working and service experience for leaders.

Created to empower and inspire leaders, the team at The Start Smart are proud to invite you to explore the unknown, the X."

Founder and Chief Executive


Our Advisors assure, design and govern all our solutions both in Traditional Engagements and Ecosystems, our Advisory X executes as the centre of excellence in all our offerings.

Chris Payne

Through Advisory X The Start Smart brings assurance into the hands of industry leaders. Our advisors are movers, shakers and creators of modern organisations who are now a part of Advisory X to work alongside leaders to assure their objectives.

If the opposite idea to your strategy is a bad idea, then you don't have a strategy - you are just doing what everyone else is, Advisory X tests your thinking and inspires
the difference.”

Chris Payne | Advisory Lead

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To deliver on our mission to empower leaders to unlock maximum potential, we are committed to always working with respect, integrity and honesty. Our values and beliefs govern the way in which we interact with all stakeholders along our journey and reflect our commitment to deliver to agreed outcomes.

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