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Employee Engagement Refocus

Your workforce is at the core of your ability to achieve your organisational goals.

Engagement Refocus

The Start Smart’s Employee Engagement Refocus (EER)
is a strategic initiative used by leading organisations
to accelerate operational performance. It ensures that the
goals, values and objectives of an organisation, and it’s most
valuable assets - it’s employees, are truly aligned and remain
aligned, enabling superior operational efficiency and effectiveness.

EER employs an integrated approach including behavioural design,
data science and EER technologies, that holistically combines humans
and technologies to create a cohesive and compelling story of the
employee engagement status throughout an organisation. It is designed
to instill an organisational culture centred around the Voice of Employees
as a key input into business enablement and the execution of initiatives
with assurance and confidence.

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Truly Understand

Why understand
Employee Engagement


Employee Engagement Quadrant

Understand how your
organisation benchmarks
against industry


Common Misconceptions

More than surveys,
3rd-party tools and
more social events


Our Approach

The Start Smart’s
Employee Engagement Refocus


Latest Polls Data

Learn more about our
recent Australia wide poll


Why Understand
Employee Engagement

Industry leading companies leverage the actionable insights provided by EER
to understand what’s happening in their organisation, orchestrate and develop
their response and plan, and execute initiatives that drive operational excellence.

The Start Smart’s
Employee Engagement Quadrant

The Start Smart Employee Engagement Quadrant provides a visual representation of the
impact of employee engagement on an organisation’s ability to deliver against its objectives.

It plots the level of Employee Engagement in key Australian industries and organisations,
against their operational performance over the pandemic period thus far.

Take the online
to benchmark your
organisation against
your industry.
Speak to a specialist
about employee
engagement in
your organisation.
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Organisation priorities per quadrant

Unifiers - The Unicorn

Unifiers understand the importance of employee engagement and have engaged their workforce throughout the pandemic period. However, they could not be thoroughly resilient to the disruption created by the pandemic.

Did you know unicorn horns contain healing powers? The people in these organisations are ready to recover, and need strong strategies and initiatives to direct their recovery efforts.

Performer - The Phoenix

Performers have shown their ability to be resilient to the pandemic's disruption and have been able to continue engaging their workforce during the major disruptive period.

Performers, like the phoenix, have reborn their organisations, have quickly adapted to a new era of work, and are currently well placed to continue on their road to recovery.

Re-inventor - The Sea Snail

Reinventors have been heavily disrupted by the pandemic, in both business continuity and workforce engagement. Reinventors need to revisit and rework their employee engagement and business operations initiatives to survive the pandemic recovery challenges they face.

These organisations have faced incredible challenges as a result of the pandemic and must act fast to prevent ending up at the bottom of the ocean.

Recoverer - The Leprechaun

Recoverers have faced medium to severe disruption by the pandemic but their organisations have proved to be reasonably resilient during the period. They have had their employee engagement challenged and need to unify their workforce to perform a timely recovery.

These organisations won't be able to rely on luck to navigate the recovery period, and require a strong focus on people initiatives for a stronger and more timely recovery.

How Employee Engagement
Refocus works and our approach

Co-create and deploy powerful employee initiatives

Templated approaches don’t work. Our experts work with you to understand the requirements and adopt a complete go-to-market approach to support your upcoming initiatives.

We help you design the next initiatives - backed by what your employees need the most.

Understand and measure current state employee engagement

Take advantage of our advanced collection of employee engagement metrics with behavioural design, data science, entropy measurement and EER technologies.

We deploy, monitor, and analyse engagement and change initiatives - backed by our proprietary AI.

Make employee driven change and initiative decisions

Utilise EER’s outcomes as a strategic input for making decisions on change and initiatives. Understand the story of your organisation's employee engagement. Engage your workforce with detailed and comprehensive metrics that are factual. Learn what works and what needs refinement thanks to your AI powered analysis.

Maximise ROI on your initiatives, and design change that your organisation desires.



No employee engagement and/or HR strategy template works for every business, therefore each Employee Engagement Refocus works with key organisational stakeholders to co-create a unique framework for their organisation and environment.


EER employs an omnichannel deployment of data collection including live data, sentimental analysis, surveys and intranet polling. During the co-creation phase, user experience and data collection flow is defined together to seamlessly further integrate into any existing frameworks or technologies. The Start Smart’s proprietary formula of augmented AI continuously monitors target metrics, to provide ongoing analysis and reporting.


A cohesive, compelling and actionable story of employee engagement within the organisation as an interactive dashboard view and in-depth insights report. The analysis is executed by expert behavioral design researchers and assured by industry leading advisors, allowing The Start Smart to create
a precise, cohesive and compelling story of your organisation.

Ready for Ongoing Deployment

As the Employee Engagement Refocus team is part of our Go To Market X team, together with you we are ready to seamlessly deploy further initiatives and action on priorities as required.

Common Misconceptions about Employee Engagement

Understanding employee sentiment and
engagement is more than just asking your
employees how they are feeling. As one of the
organisation’s most valuable assets, an asset
that is essential for success and scale,
information flow down the line and back up the
line has never been more essential. The recent
poll conducted by The Start Smart is indicative
of the sentiments around most organisations,
despite employers believing they have a good
handle on how their workforce are feeling.
Other common misconceptions we hear
around employee engagement include:

We do

While surveying your employees is
a start, response bias is a major
concern. Considerations such as
question type, response rates and
the output of actionable initiatives,
all diminish the value of just
performing surveys.


We have a dedicated
HR department

The work of the Human Resources
(HR) department has evolved
considerably over the years, so much
so that the term HR has become
somewhat redundant and replaced
by the term People and Culture. This
evolution of responsibility also lies in
people leaders of a business.

We use a third
party tool

As the best companies in the world
focus more on employee
engagement as a strategic tool to
achieve company objectives, third
party tools have emerged to
measure this engagement. However,
a tool is only one of the elements to
successful employee engagement.

We have regular
social events

A packed employee social calendar,
or better yet a packed office kitchen,
was once the sign of a desirable
company. The best companies have
fast come to learn that employee
engagement runs deeper than a full
belly, and extends well beyond when
they’re just sitting at their desk.

Employee Engagement Refocus
for your organisation

Unlock Employee’s Maximum Potential


Recent Australian
Employee Engagement Poll Data

Covid Considerations
and WFH Mobility.

75% of employees are
concerned that going back
to the office will not be
good for their overall

Employee Engagement
as a Strategic Planning

67% of employees do not
believe their organisation
is ready for the new year
after the pandemic.

Employee wellbeing
as a key to success.

84% of employees do not
feel that their voices are
equally valued in their


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