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Frequently asked questions

When should organisations perform EER?

For successful transformations in 2021, engagement
and focus of employees is critical. EER is best
deployed before or in the first phase of transformations to ensure maximum return on investments.

How long would performing an EER take?

EER is designed to be modular and easily deployed
in the entire organisation or any number of business units. EER produces results to be used within weeks instead of years depending on size and scale.

What if we already use third party tools and surveys?

Current third party tools and surveying data of the
organisation will be integrated into EER alongside
with The Start Smart’s methodology as tools are only
one element of a successful refocus.

What are the neo capabilities powering EER?

The Start Smart technologies uses a unique blend of human and technologies to perform EER with capabilities such as behavioural design, Smart Sentiment™ technologies, custom machine learning and AI.

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