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Outstanding Expertise.

We create effective processes that help clients succeed in demanding fields.

The Start Smart brings an integrated approach, decades of experience, and next-generation resources to a diverse array of global industries. Working side by side, our market experts exchange insights to uncover new opportunities for efficiency.


Today it’s slow. Tomorrow there are Product to Claim Processes that enable the customer and insurance workers to operate in a seamless & efficient workplace.

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Today it’s archaic. Tomorrow there are strategic initiatives that transform banks to stay adaptable and embrace the uncertain future. A human-focused internal design that is customer-centric in the outcome.

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Today it’s bureaucratic. Tomorrow governments departments prioritise effective customer experiences while also eliminating waste and inefficiencies.

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Today it’s unstructured. Tomorrow there are incubations, probono initiatives and partnerships that nurture sustainable growth and disruption.

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Old media is dead. The events of tomorrow require modernised operating models built using technology that enables disruption and simplicity.

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The disruption is here. We modernise and simplify the chain of processes to enable efficient and environmentally sustainable transport systems.

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Customer Service

Today it’s a nuisance. Tomorrow it’s data-driven, instantaneous, and personalised. Customer obsession is the only future.

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Trade & Construction

Today it’s stagnant. Tomorrow it’s built with systems that instil continuous growth and transformation.

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Medical Industry

Today it’s passive. Tomorrow there are systems and technologies that enable massive disruption and a new framework for optimal health.

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FMCG & Retail

Today it’s detached. Tomorrow it’s a holistic system that results in faster, personalised and disruptive outcomes.

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