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Medical Industry

The operating rhythm of small medical centres as well as large medical and pharma industries have not changed in the last couple of decades. Our workplace of tomorrow initiative looks at how we can automate and further enhance the day-to-day operations for both small medical outlets and large enterprise level hospitals. Our aim is to give back the professionals their strategic input and allow large efficiencies within the transactional admin tasks.

The Healthcare Industry of Tomorrow

Consulting Services

We believe Transformation for healthcare organisations is not an option but a business imperative.

Our consulting and advisory professionals specialise in modernising the ageing technology from yesterday’s world by defining the scope and nature of future state business design.

​We help healthcare and pharma organisations facing insolvency and distress in driving rapid and dramatic performance improvements by transforming existing business departments using proven methodologies.

Our professional advisers can assist healthcare organisations to understand their most important value drivers, optimise operational & financial processes, customer journeys and clearly identify their business goals to ensure a robust Go-To-Market or Operating Strategy.

The Start Smart provides full life-cycle application development and sustainable system solutions. We can help you rapidly deliver cloud-based, customised emerging technology (AI, IoT, Big Data) solutions and contextual experiences with robust security and architecture at scale. Additionally, whether you are looking to modernise your legacy applications, exploring micro-services, architecture adoptions or augment existing applications with web or mobile front ends – we can help you get there fast.

The Start Smart can securely build and rapidly deploy any solution across the globe with control, speed, security and scalability. We have built a geo-diverse infrastructure leveraging major public cloud services like AWS, MS Azure and Google Cloud. Our well thought out and tailored cloud enablement strategy can cut down your deployment costs and manage your development goals without having to deal with daunting installations or heavy capital investments.

The Start Smart deploys cloud-based strategies with speed and scale. Our full-stack perspective and deep experience in the cloud within applications and networks can securely help you with key technology and platform decisions, navigate countless configuration options and avoid pitfalls. We can help you develop solution road maps and ensure secure and agile developments to get you the best return on your investments.

The administrative package offers a wide range of service that helps healthcare organisations achieve optimum performance with their accounting.

The Business Solution offers a holistic solution to healthcare organisations by managing their day to day workplace functions, whilst including all of our administrative services. 

Utilising our firm’s deep understanding of technology to give you the best results using the most up to date management and reporting software & tech solutions.

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