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Trade & Construction

There is no industry that has lasted without disruption as long as trade and construction. However, as tech advances, we are now seeing the trend of human losing their touch due to overindulgence in menial tasks. TSS team uses products such indexed, renforce and advisory to both help small contractors with their day to day business and enhance the workplace of large construction and engineering companies to better manage their contractors. 

The Trade & Construction Companies of Tomorrow

Consulting Services

Our deep understanding of contract initialisation & management allows us to assist Trade & Construction companies throughout the contract life cycle. 

Our advisory and hands-on approach allow us to build strategic contracts for procuring goods and services within the Trade & Construction industry.

Our team of consultants and procurement specialists assist Trade & Construction companies to manage their vendors better through advisory and contract management. This enables a beneficial outcome for both the procurer and vendor to maintain a sustainable relationship throughout the contract whilst future proofing business continuity through strategising future contracts.

In general, various approaches to consulting can be thought of as lying somewhere along a continuum, with an ‘expert’ or prescriptive approach at one end, and a facilitative approach at the other. In the expert approach, the consultant takes the role of expert, and provides expert advice or assistance to the client, with, compared to the facilitative approach, less input from, and fewer collaborations with the clients.

Management consulting refers generally to the provision of business services, but there are numerous specialties such as strategic management, information technology consulting, human resource consulting, virtual management consulting, operations management consulting, engineering management, management science, and others, many of which overlap, and most of which are offered by the larger diversified consultancies.

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