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Trusted academic research methodologies are deployed to collect and curate independent data that explore real world problems of select industry. Analysis and commentary on the data is solicited from experts, academics and thought leaders, to provide further insightful perspectives and interpretation.

The result is detailed and informed reports that enable leaders to anticipate and prepare for the future of industries.

Our Methodology


Assurance obtained through rigorously set research standards with academic experts and industry peers supported by the science of data.

Neo Gathering & Continuous Polling

We gather data and information through neo methodologies to increase maximum reach through digital channels and introduce a neo concept known as continuous research supported by continuous polling.

Immersion Sessions

Industry leaders, consumers and stakeholders attend structured private immersion sessions to drive deep discussion and qualitatively substantiate our findings.

Behind Insight X

Our Neo

The Start Smart's Insight X team combines the minds of industry experts, researchers and academics, whilst utilising neo technologies to gather insights and perform data-driven research.

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