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We envision the futures of industry, providing leaders and organisations with critical knowledge to thrive in the workplace of tomorrow.

Insight X combines data and expert opinion to provide industry leaders and organisations with critical information helping them anticipate the future of industries. Using proprietary formulae we compare collected data with input from industry experts, to visualise where organisations align in their industry’s workplace of tomorrow.


Combined assurance of research standards with academic partners, industry peers, and data science.

Neo Gathering

The science of gathering advancements, data and human sentiment to paint perspectives of tomorrow, and quantitative measures of our research around the world

Qualitative Roundtables

Qualitative learning and insights amongst industry leaders, consumers and stakeholders.

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Initiation of Recovery

Empower leaders with the strategies they need to
Rethink, Reshape, and Recover.

COVID-19 has disrupted industries around the world. While many people are still trying to make sense of the changes to their present, we’ve teamed up with industry leaders from around the world to explore the initiation of recovery for organisations globally.

23 Countries

5000 Respondents

10 Leadership roundtables from around the world.


Rethink, Reshape, Recover. 

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