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Banking in Australia & Beyond

Global banking & digitalisation with Standard Chartered Bank's

The banking space is undoubtedly changing - stagnant operations are being injected with vibrant technologies, and fintech collaborations are breathing life into the industry. Standard Chartered is an undeniable staple of the global banking headline.


David Whiteing
Standard Chartered, Group COO

Into the growth of Buy Now Pay Later - an exclusive insight with Tommy Mermelshtayn, Chief Strategy Officer of Zip Co.

Online shopping is the new norm as consumers can do everything from the comfort of their own smart device. Fintechs like Zip Co recognised the need for a digital wallet and the success of Buy Now Pay Later in Australia continues to rise, as Zip has already transformed the spending habits of over two million users.


Tommy Mermelshtayn
Chief Strategy Officer, Zip Co

Why are Neobanks on the rise in Australia?

Neobanks and fintechs are revolutionising the banking space. Our insights show that first time banking customers are embracing neobanks whilst existing customers are starting to see them as strong contenders to take over their current bank. How are neobanks changing banking for consumers?


Anson Parker

Head of Product, Up Bank

Travis Tyler

Chief Product and Marketing Officer, 86 400

Oliver Kidd

CEO, Archa Money

What is open banking and how will Australia meet global open banking standards?

Open banking is now the common denominator, as banks are doing more than just managing and safeguarding money. While Australia is one of the newer entrants into the banking regime, the UK has had open banking mandates in place since 2016. How will Australia measure up to the UK?


Eduardo Martinez Barrios
Open Banking Expert

Ismail Chaib
Open Banking Expert

Trevor Wistaf
Chief Technology Officer at Split Payments

How fintechs personalise financial services for consumers

As David Washbrook, the CFO of Aussie fintech Look Who’s Charging explains, personalisation in banking extends across multiple channels of communication between banks and their consumers. And as banks in this day and age utilise the innovation derived from emerging fintechs in the industry, the personalised experience continues to evolve more than ever.


David Washbrook
Look Who’s Charging, CEO

Dharmesh Mistry
Fintech Futures, Writer

Insurance in Australia

Meet the Insurtech

InsurTechs are the new kids on the block, and they’re making a name for themselves in their own right. InsurTechs are revitalising the industry, by bridging the gap between customers and insurers and designing new products that hit the industry’s key pain points. Watch what Naby Mariyam, CEO of insurance underdog Coverhero, reveals about how they’re leading the forefront of change to satisfy customers on a whole other level.


Naby Mariyam
CEO and Founder of Coverhero

Naby Mariyam is the CEO and Founder of Coverhero, an insurance company that aims to deliver relevant, hyperpersonalised coverage in moments that matter to their customers.

Leading Insurance Transformations & Projects with Benjamin Walker and Naveen Gupta

Most times when entire industries are disrupted, their problems stem from significant external factors - in our case the pandemic and bushfires. But the insurance industry is facing a different problem. Timeworn stereotypes have deterred sentiment-driven generations from understanding the industry - and this has seen it lose both customers and talent. Add a pandemic to this and you face major internal disruption. Watch what Naby Mariyam, CEO of insurance underdog Coverhero, reveals about how they’re leading the forefront of change to satisfy customers on a whole other level.


Benjamin Walker
Project Management Leader

Benjamin Walker is an experienced program manager with a track record in the delivery of transformational programs in complex stakeholder environments. He also possessed vast experience in the insurance industry.

Naveen Gupta
Project Management Leader

Naveen is a Senior Program & Project Manager who is working with large scale projects and programs in IT Security, Data and Information management. He has 23 years IT experience, has worked across multiple countries, cultures, technologies and industries.

All About Insurtech: How They’re Shaping a New Insurance Industry

Insurance is an industry rooted in tradition- and that’s exactly why it’s perfect for innovation. As technology uplifts the insurance industry, a new category leader emerging in the space are InsurTechs, tech-driven companies that are entering the insurance sector to innovate and disrupt. Watch Rita Yates, the CEO of Insurtech Australia, discuss how these new players are revolutionising the insurance industry.


Rita Yates
CEO of Insurtech Australia
Rita Yates is the CEO of Insurtech Australia, a national, not-for-profit industry association dedicated to fostering startups and innovation in Australia's insurance sector.

Impacts of 2020 on the Insurance Industry in Australia with Dallas Booth CEO of NIBA

2020 threw the insurance industry, consumers, providers, brokers and regulators into a whirlwind. The repercussions of bushfires and a pandemic will change the face of the relationship between the industry and the Australian government forever. Watch Dallas Booth, the CEO of the National Insurance Brokers Association, break down how 2020 has impacted the industry and what's next for insurance in Australia.


Dallas Booth
Chief Executive at National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia

Music & creative series

Is streaming killing creativity?

Streaming is taking over the media industry as we know it. How is it taking over your life? Yasmine from our Opinion X team spoke to industry experts Eamonn Forde & Adam Turner to get their take.


Eamonn Forde
Eamonn Forde is a freelance music business and technology journalist and has written about all areas of the music industry since 2001.

Adam Turner

Adam Turner is an award-winning Australian technology journalist, corporate writer and long-time columnist for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

How design can be used as a strategic business tool ?

A more globalised and competitive market forces design to keep up with more than just products themselves; design now taps into consumer wants and needs as well. Yasmine from our Opinion X team talks to Nicholas Karlovasitis of DesignByThem & Dr Brandon Gien of Good Design Australia to get their perspectives on how design can be leveraged by businesses globally to get a strategic leg up on the competition.


Dr Brandon Gien
Founder and CEO of Good Design Australia and Chair of Australia's annual Good Design Awards

Nicholas Karlovasitis
Nick Karlovasitis is an Industrial Designer, co-founder of DesignByThem and DIA NSW Chair.

The future of events in Australia

As Australia’s $30.2 billion event industry plans to bounce back, how have they adapted for the future? Yasmine from our Opinion X team explored this question with industry experts Robyn Johnson of MEA & Haydn Johnston of Architects of Entertainment to get their thoughts on what the future of Australia’s event industry will look like.


Robyn Johnson
CEO at Meetings & Events Australia

Haydn Johnston
Director at Architects of Entertainment

Oliver Kidd
Archa money, CEO

Banking in Australia & Beyond series Produced by:

Yasmine Masi

Passionate about what the future holds, Yasmine is looking to combine the leaders of today and the potentials of tomorrow to build meaningful discussions and Opinions on critical issues and challenges for the industries of the future.

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