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What is open banking and how will Australia meet global open banking standards?

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Open banking is now the common denominator, as banks are doing more than just managing and safeguarding money. While Australia is one of the newer entrants into the banking regime, the UK has had open banking mandates in place since 2016. How will Australia measure up to the UK?

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How can open banking reinvigorate the global banking space?

“I would say a good number of participants are trying to disrupt the market to provide new services. And in the end, the most important thing is that the consumer - a person or a small or medium company - will benefit from these propositions where the time to achieve something, let's say - a loan application or a credit card application, an OfferCraft - instead of taking days, will now take seconds. Because that information will be able to be assessed and validated in a matter of fractions of a second, and therefore a customer when they apply for one of those products will benefit from that. Or let's say, in increasing the way that that one person or an entity can execute payments. So that will definitely change the canvas of payment processing options… So, we're seeing that kind of a shift in terms of an evolution of core banking services."

Eduardo Martinez Barrios, Open Banking expert

How will open banking launch the banking industry into the future?

"It's improving and should improve further the competitive landscape. It's giving customers more options. It's giving fintechs and non-incumbents more power to drive change. And that's really what it comes down to. At the moment, open banking in Australia is only like a read access type of open banking, right? So it's all about empowering individuals to share their data with in this case in Australia, we call an ADR so an accredited data recipient, which is great."

Trevor Wistaff, Split Payments’ CTO

What can open banking do for our financially-divided world?

“Financial inclusion means the ability for, for people to have access to us financial services, financial products, right. So today around the world, they're 1.7 billion people, they do not have access to any financial product, right, from study from their financial services institutions. So they don't have bank accounts. Right. And that's a big problem. Right? So and most of these countries are in developing countries. It's a big problem there because you know, lacking a bank account, it means you have no no kind of easy convenient means to save money…. One of these tools that helps with financial inclusion, I believe, is open banking. And so you say ‘Okay, how does that work?’ So I think by opening up data, by enabling third party actors, to build personalised, customised applications, it will attract more people to the practice and that will get people to use those financial products more…”

Ismail Chaib, Open Bank Project’s COO

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