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The Renforce

At The Start Smart our capabilities combine proprietary human competencies and technology solutions as a singular service for organisations over the need for multiple resources, multiple solutions and multiple technologies. The Start Smart capabilities are single solutions to simplify broad problems and co-execute functional requirements.

How Renforce Works

Our philosophy of human-augmented technology means that our regulatory, data and solution experts work together seamlessly to ensure total compliance with all industry regulations.

Renforce itself is not a part of the software stack of the organisation. Instead, it sits on top of the existing data feed of the organisation generated by the existing software solutions to collectively drive regulatory compliance, predict and prevent regulatory breaches, and allow a system of work where compliance decision is backed by factual data and allows comprehensive reporting.

What the Renforce capability includes


Proactive humans that provide ongoing expertise, monitoring and research.

The solution is backed by humans, not as a software/tech support role but as regulatory support on an ongoing basis. Our regulatory experts continuously research upcoming regulations and solve the challenges of compliance early - to seamlessly onboard the regulations into the Renforce ecosystem. RegExperts provides ongoing and personalised regulatory support and solutions that blend people, processes, and technology to improve the organisations' compliance status proactively.


Real-time regulatory compliance management in one system.

The proprietary regulatory technology allows our partners to continuously view and understand their compliance status, abilities and effort required to govern a cohesive risk culture for regulatory compliance. Using a 'less is more' approach, the user experience of Renforce makes compliance simple and uncluttered.


Continuous predictions, guides compliance efforts and provides deeper insights.

Renforce's built-in AI learns and predicts compliance status. The key output of Renforce is real-time data-based compliance status reporting that is factual and unconstrained by current technology and process.

Real-time data generated by the systems of the organisation is analysed using machine learning, allowing the AI to make real-time suggestions to stay compliant while helping the organisation build its deep learning module within Renforce.

Renforce is designed to seamlessly integrate with the organisation's technology using APIs and provide real-time output. Renforce ingests and analyses data in real-time. This results in guided and factual reporting based on the information generated with every relevant transaction. The Renforce AI predicts, creates and monitors actions to proactively help our partners identify upcoming or existing compliance breaches- providing detailed information about when, where, and how obligations are not being met.

The Inner Workings of the Renforce Capability

Behavioural Design

Utilising our understanding of industry regulations and using it to translate regulatory requirements into human processes within organisations. This is done in the form of process design, experience design, UX and UI design

Data Story

Experts design and unlock the functional flow within an organisation, tying together the object and performance indicators and stakeholders. Actionable data and regulations are leveraged to create data-based processes. This allows them to showcase not just the theoretical, qualitative processes defined by business rules but also the actual data-driven processes of the organisation.

Delivery and Resolution

Using a combination of deep-dive research and business architecture, we identify why compliance issues are happening or will happen, as reported by the technology, and trace them back to the affected business units. With the help of business process modeling backed by data, it showcases the organisation's alignment, the factual status of processes and compliance, and the internal operations. Renforce actively prevents the organisation from breaching regulations by preemptively suggesting changes before they occur. If breaches have already occurred, the team will ensure compliance by performing business policy and process fixes and providing actionable guides on how breaches can be avoided in the future.


Our technology integrates as a layer on top of the existing enterprise technology. It uses the data feed from user interactions to create a single source of compliance status information within the Renforce regulatory ecosystem providing an overview of the entire organisation.

Machine Learning

The technology monitors and learns from the organisation's user interactions, breach patterns, process confirmation, data patterns, accountability structures, and adherence. It ensures that the data is accurately correlated with the business processes.

Deep Learning

Deep learning understands the organisation's behaviour and tests it against the knowledge of business processes, patterns, and behaviours gained by machine learning. Renforce uses its deep learning modules to predict regulatory breaches and overtime proactively shares guidance on breach prevention and fixing breaches they occur.These compliance predictions prevent potential breaches by preemptively informing obligation owners, avoiding expensive remediations, and allowing for effective compliance decisions.


Open Regulation™ is here

Open Regulation™ is a proprietary concept created by The Start Smart as part of our Renforce capability and our commitment to solving the immediate challenges of regulatory compliance.

Open Regulation™ will enable a collaborative approach to regulation for all three major key players within an industry: regulators, providers and partners, allowing them to regulate and hold each other accountable through a singular future-ready platform.

Human Augmented

Renforce is more than just software; it's a revolutionary solution that combines human augmentation and artificial intelligence. Our philosophy of human-augmented technology means that our regulatory, data and solution experts work together seamlessly to ensure total compliance with all industry regulations.

No More Remediations

Renforce allows organisations to leave behind time-consuming remediations and shift effort to being proactive - through a data-driven approach where actions are continuously monitored against regulations - preventing breaches even before they occur.

We want our partners to achieve a state of no more remediations in the organisational operations.


RegExperts and RegTech as a Singular Combined Solution:

The Renforce capability co-executes with your internal team to ensure your organisation's regulatory compliance.

Traceability and Data-driven:

Compatibility and API ready with key systems used in the financial services industry to power factual and real-time information into Renforce.

Reporting and Audit Readiness:

Regulatory reporting by enabling data-driven, attestable-ready reporting for organisations to stay on the right side of regulators.

AVA, Our Trusty AI:

Ava predicts and monitors compliance so that she can proactively help our partners with any upcoming or existing compliance breaches.

Track and Manage in One System:

A centralised and comprehensive view of current compliance for leaders and compliance teams to manage and track.

Modular and Scalable:

Start with any number of regulations, voluntary codes, and policies to be managed within the one Renforce regulatory ecosystem.



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