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Transforming Your Online Presence


In an online world that gets more crowded by the day, how do you stand out?

In the competitive world of online marketing and branded competition, your digital footprint is the difference between success and failure. This requires an expansion of your online presence by utilising all technological outlets to maximise exposure, tailor a planned approach to marketing, and leverage organic markets to create engagement.


Indexed is a long-term investment product created by The Start Smart, utilised by businesses to create a strong foundation for their digital marketing footprint. The Start Smart Team take a hands-on approach by guiding your online social platforms through a step-by-step process that builds trust, credibility and exposure for your digital brand. In three months, we can transform your online presence.

Our methodology

Phase 1: Technical

Make your digital presence presentable:

  • Professional Outlook: Improve speed, enhance mobile friendly options, and optimise user experience and security.
  • Analytics: Leverage data to make smart decisions of how to improve continuously.
  • SEO: Rank for select long-tail keywords to improve organic traffic.

Phase 2: Branding

Tell your company’s story:

  • Keywords: Market research to find most popular & relevant terms for your business.
  • Story-telling: Embed high quality copywriting & media throughout the website and social channels to show brand voice.
  • Local Presence: Leverage local citations and local business service providers to increase brand awareness.

Phase 3: Campaign

Scale your content and brand message:

  • Content Calendar: Embed strategic content timeline on the relevant marketing channels to optimise reach.
  • Social Media Presence: Design and execute Instagram & Facebook strategies to grow followers’ & drive engagement through building a relevant brand voice.
  • Advertising: Paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google to increase traffic and generate leads.
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