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Procurement Services

Our deep understanding of contract initialisation & management allows us to assist corporations throughout the contract life cycle. 

Our advisory and hands-on approach allow us to build strategic contracts for procuring goods and services within specialised industries such as Aviation, Transportation & Engineering.

Our team of consultants and procurement specialists assist businesses to manage their vendors better through advisory and contract management. This enables a beneficial outcome for both the procurer and vendor to maintain a sustainable relationship throughout the contract whilst future proofing business continuity through strategising future contracts.

Our consultants provide specialised advice within the dynamic field of procurement to modernise and strategise the method of procurement. This delivers company-wide value in large scale industries.

Contract Management

Initial Provision

Our team assists businesses to build strategic business cases, cost sheets and initial contract preparations prior to the RFP process to have robust finalised contracts that meet business standards and benefit sub-cases envisioned by the procurer

Ongoing Support

Our team supports businesses to maintain ongoing contracts through contract analysis, supplier relationship management and change requests to ensure business continuity

Contract Assurance

Our consultants review contract compliance and standards to measure performance within the contract and enable both the procurer and the contractor to build better strategic relationships.

Vendor Management

Offline Vendor Management

Our team of procurement specialists manage your vendors offsite allowing you to manage vendors through our experienced consultants which drives contract viability and generates further value for the business.

Vendor Relationship Management

Our consultants empower your procurement teams by measuring performance, documenting contract changes which drive relationships between both parties.

Technology Specialist

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