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Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Disrupting Today's Workspace

Growth Solutions
Recharging the workforce of today though efficient processes & waste reduction in the workplace.
Technology Solutions
Technology lead solutions focusing on implementing IOT & AI in the workplace to innovate your business.
Team Environment
Human centred design and approach. Putting your team first.

Core Services

The Start Smart provides full life-cycle application development and sustainable system solutions. We can help you rapidly deliver cloud-based, customised emerging technology (AI, IoT, Big Data) solutions and contextual experiences with robust security and architecture at scale. Additionally, whether you are looking to modernise your legacy applications, exploring micro-services, architecture adoptions or augment existing applications with web or mobile front ends – we can help you get there fast.

The Start Smart can securely build and rapidly deploy any solution across the globe with control, speed, security and scalability. We have built a geo-diverse infrastructure leveraging major public cloud services like AWS, MS Azure and Google Cloud. Our well thought out and tailored cloud enablement strategy can cut down your deployment costs and manage your development goals without having to deal with daunting installations or heavy capital investments.

The Start Smart deploys cloud-based strategies with speed and scale. Our full-stack perspective and deep experience in the cloud within applications and networks can securely help you with key technology and platform decisions, navigate countless configuration options and avoid pitfalls. We can help you develop solution road maps and ensure secure and agile developments to get you the best return on your investments.



We know how to quickly build, train deploy and scale AI computer vision, language, recommendations and forecasting solutions to increase customer interaction, gain deeper insight and reduce operational cost.


We know how to build IoT solutions to connect a wide range of devices for all use cases and integrate AI and Big Data analytics services to enable deeper insights and build better products.


We know how to collect and organise a large volume of data from a wide variety of sources and create data analytics and visualisation solutions to enable enhanced insight, better decision making and automate processes.


We know how to navigate the complexities and integration issues associated with cloud applications and build scalable solutions or modernise legacy applications to cut costs and increase end-user experiences.


We know how to integrate a wide variety of services from payment processing to enabling digital/mobile currency payments to increase transactions, service offerings and enhance the customer experience.


We know how to develop multi-platform mobile applications and cover the entire life-cycle, from conception to development and sustaining, while maintaining cost efficiency.

System Utilisation

AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

We work with all major cloud services providers and are able to deploy any application globally at scale.

Angular JS, JavaScript, JQuery

Our front end and engineers use leading JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS and JQuery to enable interactive UI for both browser and mobile based applications.

Python, Django, Node.JS

Our developers enable server-side processing and develop micro-services using Python/Django or Node.JS. Python is our go-to language for all computational heavy requirements.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Our UI/UX designers ensure browser compatibility and usability of the browser-based application by using the right mix of HTML and CSS to create stunning UIs.

PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mongo

Our database architects can design and deploy scalable relational models and ORMS or SQL databases to enable elastic search for fast data access and processing

iOS & Andriod

Our mobile developers develop mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

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