The Workplace of Tomorrow

The Start Smart

The Workplace of Tomorrow

Over the last 300 years of Industrialisation the world has changed more within the last decade with technological transformations taking over the world, yet our workplaces are still cluttered with processes and jobs from yesterday.

The Start Smart’s vision is to disrupt the workplace of today to kick tomorrows.

The workplace of tomorrow is

Meaningful Work


To capitalise on the productive capabilities of your workforce they must be able to see value in their work. They must be inspired to not only grow their skills but go beyond what is required of them, allowing their initiative and cognitive solutioning abilities to flourish. To achieve this they must not be relegated to simple, unworthwhile tasks as too often their creative capabilities are being wasted to backend work, they are not undertaking meaningful work.

Worthwhile Work


Worthwhile work engages your employees, stimulating their interest for growth and productivity whilst allowing their strategic thinking, cognitive solutioning and opportunity management capabilities to flourish. The contemporary workplace is flooded by unworthwhile, unnecessary work of backend management, spreadsheet updating or simple button-pressing operations. Redesign the workplace of tomorrow.

Human Centred Solutions


Redesigning the workplace of tomorrow includes reshaping workflows to become more human-centred. Doing so increases employee workflow as they feel they belong and are part of a growing collaborative workplace where their work is meaningful and valued. It involves bringing their strategic thinking to the forefront whilst leaving backend work to automation.

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