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The Start Smart performs traditional engagements within and across 3 organisation layers. As the future of organisational support and professional services we are commited not only to conceptualising change, but delivering relelvant and accountable execution accross the strategic, core and operational layers.

the strategic layer

The Strategic layer represents those business functions that reflect executive focal points. The Start Smart works with leaders to ideate, create and outline meaningful strategies and implementation paths to inspire their internal and external communities.

strategic layer capabilities

  • Design and co-create inspirational and executable strategies from scratch through blending human capability, efficient process, and technology.
  • Perform holistic organisation reviews though our proprietary Review X™ function.
  • Empower organisations to globalise and commercialise their products through creating disruptive strategies that are fact based, assured and sustainable.

the core layer

The Core layer represents the outward facing business functions - customers, partners and products. These functions differentiate the organisation from their competitors. The Start Smart works with leaders and teams to hone in on what works, and what needs remediation to build organisation success.

core layer capabilities

  • Build organisation architectures that are traceable, comprehensive and understandable.
  • Align strategy across the organisation - people, products and processes.
  • Identify, and allow focus on, unique value propositions.
  • Create transformation pipelines and frameworks to support their execution.
  • Create experiences for both internal and external users.
  • Create or evolve product offerings of an organisation.
  • Align business and technology teams through organisational design evaluation, system traceability and process confirmation testing.
  • Simplify, reducing the cost of mergers, acquisitions and new shared service models.
  • Solve large scale and localised problems.
  • Utilise our proprietary Ecosystem™ offering to allow organisations to build resilience and focus on doing what they do best - while we continuously monitor and solve issues before they become problems.

the operational layer

Efficient operations use intuitive techniques to reduce cost, keep employees engaged and informed, and ensure the optimal mix of in-house expertise and partner supported processes. The Start Smart leverages best practice, proven experience, and collaborative thinking to align the Strategic, Core & Operational layers together.

operational layer capabilities

  • Enhance your organisation’s data to enable data storytelling, holistic insights, and monitor compliance.
  • Process review and standardisation to reduce cost and improve employee engagement.
  • Provision deep analytics of internal stakeholders and customer sentiment.
  • Perform technology adoption readiness assessments for operational teams.
  • Triage, cluster and fix operational problems before they spread to multiple layers of an organisation.
  • Link operational processes with effective controls for obligation management.

Organisational change
within the layers

The Start Smart’s Go To Market X™ revolutionises organisational change by enabling a unique internally delivered Go-to-Market function, backed by 7 key proprietary factors including behavioral design, data-driven traceability and human first thinking, resulting in optimum buy in from all stakeholders, accountable and traceable executions and maximum return on investment.

how we create and evolve current
organisational change functions

  • Design change solutions to inspire the behaviour of the people within an organisation.
  • Propagate large scale transformation outputs by taking them to market to the internal people within an organisation.
  • Create and operationalise change enablement frameworks.
  • Create or evolve continuous organisational change frameworks.
  • Create or evolve the interactive experience design of humans within an organisation.
  • Create or evolve the digital experience design within an organisation.
  • Modernise and evolve the creative design within an organisation.
  • Utilise our proprietary Ecosystem™ offering to allow organsations to build resilience and center focus on doing what they do best while we continuously monitor and deploy any organisational changes though our 7 core elements.

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