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Transforming Your Brand’s Online Presence

Transforming Your Brand’s Online Presence August 26, 2019Leave a comment

Aaqif leads Indexed for The Start Smart - helping you grow your business.

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Consider this: Every minute you’re not online, your potential customers are looking at your competitors instead.

Perhaps you have a business, and your sales and relevance are declining day by day. Or, you might be a startup owner with a deep need for growth, but you’re stuck with little resources or knowledge to build your online presence from scratch. Maybe you’re an aspiring artist, struggling to position your personal brand in the market with few connections. 

Either way, you know that in a world of online marketing and branded competition, your digital footprint is the difference between success and failure.

Welcome to Indexed. Built by our team at The Start Smart, Indexed helps companies establish a strong foundational digital marketing presence. We’re Australia’s first and only solution that helps your business grow and scale across all relevant digital channels and platforms. 

How It Works 

Our team of creatives and technologists understands the intricacies that go behind building your online presence. Within 3 months, we elevate your online presence through a three-step solution that helps your audience recognise your brand and its values. 

1. Technical – I want to look presentable 

  • Website Design: We increase speed and security, include mobile-friendly options, and enhance your website design.
  • Analytics: We leverage existing data to make smart decisions on future improvements.
  • SEO: We grow your organic traffic from search engines to capture new customers and increase online engagement.

2. Branding – I want to tell my company’s story 

  • Keywords: We conduct keyword research to find the most popular & relevant terms your potential customers are interested in. 
  • Story-telling: We engage copywriting, visuals, internal linking and design that ensure your online brand stays true to its values and reaches the right customers with the right messages. 
  • Local Citations: We use Apple, Bing & Google Businesses to provide potential customers with relevant information about your business.

3. Campaign – I want to reach more people 

  • Content Calendar: We align your content output and marketing strategies through a professional content plan.
  • Social Media: We grow your audience through Instagram & Facebook expertise.
  • Advertising: We maximise your online exposure through paid advertising campaigns and targeted audiences. 

The truth is, building a strong online brand presence isn’t scary or hard – it just takes time and effort. By combining technical, creative branding and targeted campaigning, we create a digital marketing machine that anchors your online presence around your audience’s needs. Our team believes Indexed will be vital in every business’s ability to stay relevant and grow in the digital space.

Aaqif leads Indexed for The Start Smart - helping you grow your business.

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